“We empower our clients through our legal procedures to sustain their living and businesses”

About Us

Uaedebtcollection.com, having more than 25 years of experience, was established in 2003 to provide its customers with all types of legal services. We are regulated by the Government of Dubai Legal affairs department and hence we strictly work on the principles and guidelines provided by them.

We have been able to make our national and global presence over the years and expand and diversify our legal services along with our international network and affiliations. The parameters adopted by our firm is the investment for future growth and development.


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Our Mission and Vision:

We are dedicated to furnish our customers with the best legal solutions throughout UAE and globally. This is articulated through our mission and vision and our constancy with laws and regulations prevailing in UAE.

Leadership and Governance:

We have adopted the principle of leadership and governance, customer service charter and investment in innovation to fulfill our commitment to customers to provide better services than anywhere else.

Executive Management Team:

Our executive management team is in-charge and accountable for advancing, creating and driving the target, purpose, strategy, quality of service and results of legal services provided by our firm.

Commitment to corporate responsibility:

We make your business to carry on a successful trade considering the fact that trade is much needed for UAE’s economic development.

Our legal firm is rooted in its commitment to understand and work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers and to tailor our services to meet their customized needs!

We have been able to promote safe and sound legal procedures to achieve successful results.

The members linked to us belong to credible and prestigious law firms and law list publishers who embrace the perennial elements of this highly productive cycle of bad debt. Our intercessors follow the authorized debt collection guidelines and act in accordance with the consumer protection laws, and their usage of fair debt collection services provides us with legal fringe in above 200 countries all belonging to different structure!

Be it tracing a debtor striving to collect the Debt, UAE debt collections works for the clients as if they are chasing them for their own cash recovery. Feel free to contact us to avoid any complicated issues in recovering your debts.

What we do?

Uaedebtcollection.com is a legal firm that offers advisory as well other legal services including debt collection. We are aimed at empowering individuals and nurturing and developing client’s business established in UAE. Our team of competent legal attorneys owns combined and diverse experience of over 25 years in all legal areas and it is the in-depth knowledge that has formed the base for success of our client’s cases. We possess expertise in providing high end professional legal services across UAE.

“We understand your legal needs and requirements”

Uaedebtcollection.com believes working on the policy of transparency and regulatory monitoring of the highest standards practiced by it. Apart from furnishing all types of legal services as per client’s requirements we excel in consumer and business settlement to achieve debt freedom. For this purpose, we have certified debt consultants who acknowledge the fact to work for you in the best possible way for you so that your business relationships are not affected.

Our core areas

We strategize our procedures to attain the results that are best in your interest! Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Criminal cases
  • Civil cases
  • Labour law
  • Debt collection
  • Insurance claims
  • Travel claims
  • Tax consultancy
  • Construction disputes
  • Health care disputes
  • Family disputes
  • Credit card disputes
  • Banking and finance
  • Corporate sector
  • Economic development

We offer different choices and strategies to our customers to solve their legal matters.


We are spread internationally and regionally, providing debt collection services having a tremendous experience in this field.

Our specialized debt collectors and lawyers work with the aim to eliminate difficulties in collection of debts.
Unlike other agencies involved in this work, we have our own way of processing things out and collecting the information about the debtor.

Our availability is across emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Alain, Ajman and Ras al Khaimah. Regionally, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, and Russia comes under the areas we cover.

We offer legal services in multiple languages and our website can be accessed in a language of your choice. We strongly believe Debt collection has to be done with a professional approach to maintaining the goodwill with our client.

Best Debt Collection Law Firms in UAE

UAE Debt Collection is a legal consultancy firms that is committed to provide top class legal consultancy regarding numerous legal disputes & matters. Our UAE based Law firm consist of a team of highly experienced & professional UAE licensed Lawyers who are very keen to assist you by addressing your legal queries. Legal Consultants also replies your queries in Gulf News, which is considered as the leading & most read newspaper in the Gulf region. Our team of experienced Labor Lawyers, Civil, Criminal, Immigration, Family& Employment Lawyers are always very much motivated to respond toward your queries and reply them in a timely manner. UAE debt collection are considered as one of the top Law Firms in UAE thatprovides a call back facility with advice from the top-reviewed lawyer to provide maximum ease the clients possible. Our website offers catalogue having legal queries discussed in the past, you can go through our articles to acquire the best idea about your legal problems. Our team is also very much keen to assist you via our various modes of communication encompassing internet and modern era communication tools.UAE debt collection was founded in 2001. We have experience of tackling multiple sortsof clients having various problems with the result-oriented approach. Our team containssome of the most experienced Civil, Criminal, Family and Employment Lawyers. We are always there to provideyou complete Legal Support & Advice.

Client oriented Best Approach

Our teams of associate lawyers haveestablished unique legal techniques after serving for more than two decades in handling legal cases from various sectors, they are very much sure to guide those who are looking for legal advice from us. Distinction that makes us superior from others is we deal in various categories of legalities. We are very much concentrated on multiple and every kind of legal issues. The genuine hallmark of our legal services is basically this diversity in supreme resource management practices. We offer our services and efforts to know our client’s condition, issues and advise the best possible legal solution as per compliance with UAE law. We are indeed Best Law Firm.
True strength of our firm is the ultimate trust we acquire from our clients in our abilities and problem resolution methodologies. This is the genuine driving force that enhances our capabilities and energies to help people via our legal assistance using variable multiple platforms ranging from the internet to print media and radio. We have also developed extensive network of associate law firms all across the globe. Our Law Firm is rated as one of the Best Law Companies in UAE. We are considered as one of the most trusted UAE based Law firm in regions like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah & throughout UAE.

Services we offer

UAE debt collection deals all your problems related to Law. Our legal guidance will be most favorable to you particularly in practices like Banking and Finance, Admiralty and Maritime, Antitrust, Aviation, Bankruptcy, Civil Rights, Communication, Criminal Law, Divorce, Education, service, atmosphere, estate planning, morals, family laws, Non-profit organizations, Real Estate, Personal Injury, International Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property Rights, Immigration, Government, Health Care, General Practice, Business and Industry. Our attorneys are well informed about the legal process and legislations of the UAE and make the best use of the legal provisions as per the needs of our clients and attempt to framea solution that offer maximum relief for them. uaedebtcollection.com offers several ways to select attorneys by sending us an inquiry, you can also drop the Email, you can also book your appointment session after making a phone call.

Don’t worry, Let us handle your Legal Matters

Our experienced Family, Civil, Criminal, Labor and Employment Solicitors in UAE serve you with passion and devotion. Over the period we have helped Businesses ranging from Large to Small Scale, Individuals, with consistency, commitment, morality and a result-driven approach. Our objective is to help individuals and businesses to accomplish their goals. Both Small, Medium and Big companies have rated us as the most reliable and trusted Law Company by in UAE. Main reason behind this success is passion to serve by delivering best quality legal services.Proudly we can say that we have resolved complex legal disputes in the United Arab Emirates. We are always there to provide complete legal support and solutions for Citizen and Expatriates. We have genuinely helped thousands of Individuals and Companies in the country. This was only possible due to professional approach adopted in the field of management, operations and infrastructure.

No#1 UAE Law Firm

Our firm maintains the secrecy of our Clients, builds up a really good future relation and committed to offering services which bring results and save the goodwill of our Clients. We’ve well educated, mannered and experienced staff who have worked quite 20 years within the law industry. We’ve an aim to bring enormous and phenomenal results which is our passion also. Our Emirati Management and Lawyersare dedicated to the standard which is our first and foremost objective. Our services entertain the persons and corporations from Main Land Companies also as Free Zones e.g. DIFC, DAFZA, JAFZA, Dubai Health Care City, Dubai Media City and every one others. Our Legal Services aren’t just limited to Dubai, we do offer legal support throughout the United Arab Emirates. Therefore we are the simplest Law Company indeed. Our Advocates in Dubai provide amazing Legal Consultation to legal advice seekers also as legal services to legal service seekers.